Digital Download FAQ

Q:  My browser is telling me that I don't have enough hard drive space, but I do! What's the deal?

A:  This is a known issue with OS X Leopard users on Safari. The easiest way to get around this is to use Firefox.

Q:  I entered my email and code, but it says the code is incorrect!

A:  Here is an example of what is probably happening: In the code SE148.1QluwKjLHjZ, the letter after "Q" is not a ONE but a lowercase "L".

Q:  Can I use a download manager such as Flashget?

A:  No. Please only use the download managers that come packaged with your browser.

Q:  Why can't I get this to work on my iPad, iPhone, or other mobile device?

A:  Due to the closed nature of the filesystems of most mobile operating systems, we cannot offer direct downloads to all mobile devices at this time. We recommend downloading to a computer first. Many mobile devices come packaged with proprietary software you can then use to transfer music to them. To use one popular example, the "sync" feature in iTunes will allow you to copy mp3s from your computer to any Apple mobile device.

If you still are having problems with your download, please contact

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